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Glenn Stevenson

Artist, Guitarist, Musician

Glenn Stevenson

Born in 1957 in Columbus, Ohio, Glenn moved to the United Kingdom when his father was posted by the US Air Force.

From the age of 11 Glenn’s passion for music and art grew and developed from his interest in the history of Delta Bluesmen of the early 20th Century. More recently he has specialised in graphite and pencil drawings of music legends from the Delta Bluesmen to Bob Marley, Tupac, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Slash to name just a few.


Glenn portrays the gritty side of life of the Blues musicians traveling alone across the USA at the time of civil unrest.

Their fortitude and the quality of their music has stood the test of time, and influenced todays’ music landscape and legends such as Hendrix, Clapton, Beck, John Mayer, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and many more…

Glenn has exhibited his work in galleries in the UK, Spain and South East Asia.   As an accomplished musician, he writes, produces and performs regularly with his band Marley Motown Experience.


Glenn Stevenson, Artist, Guitarist, Musician


Director Maureen Blackwood harnesses the distinctive style of the Sankofa Film Collective to sketch the Abrew family tree. The achievements of the unique showbiz family are celebrated using rich archive material, including footage of family members in supporting film roles alongside Paul Robeson and intimate fireside-style testimony. The existence of Black British communities before Windrush is foregrounded, with insights into the Abrews’ imprint on British culture beginning in 19th century Scotland. 

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